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Fabulous Fireplace Feature Wall Ideas To Light Up Your Living Room For Any Season
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Fabulous Fireplace Feature Wall Ideas To Light Up Your Living Room For Any Season

A wonderfully warm fireplace is one of the first things we would think of when looking to make a room feel oh so cosy, especially in the colder winter months. But actually, a fireplace shouldn’t be overlooked in the warmer seasons, because it can be a fantastic focal piece all year round.

If you have a fabulous fireplace that deserves to be a stronger feature, let us inspire you with four of our favourite colour schemes and fireplace ideas that transcend the seasons.


4 stylish fireplace ideas

From black to blood orange – our fireplace ideas include a beautiful selection of shades to help you achieve the right mood for your home. They all can be found in the Simply Refresh range too – our premium paint that only requires one coat for a stunning finish, so you can enjoy an easier and quicker makeover for your fireplace décor.


Stand out with a bright pop of colour

Using two contrasting colours for your fireplace and the wall behind it can help make sure your fire is centre of attention. A bright pop of colour on your fireplace feature wall means that the fireplace itself can remain a more muted and understated shade, and still have a big impact.

Here, we’ve used a bright orange to brighten the room. What we love about this shade for your fireplace feature wall is that it reminds us of sunnier climes in the hotter months, but also feels like a perfect autumnal shade to warm up those winter months.

Fire place with blood orange paint shade

A simple, yet stylish fireplace

It’s a simple truth that black will never go out of style, neither will a black fireplace. It’s an intense shade that demands attention, while still retaining an air of elegance, but black isn’t often a go-to colour for a feature wall.

If you’re bold enough to go black, go for a pure shade, to make a statement. To soften the impact of the black, select neutral shades for the remaining walls, and introduce natural accessories like chopped wood and dried flowers.

Black fireplace

A peaceful place to relax

Sitting by the fire is the perfect place to relax and unwind, reading a book, watching TV or debriefing on the day. It’s a place to put your feet up and just take a moment to breathe, and your colour scheme can make all the difference in creating a peaceful and calming environment.

Greens create an earthy feel and add depth to the room. Shades like a greyish olive green are particularly calming, helping you to create a sanctuary that centres around your stunning fireplace.

Olve green painted fireplace

Jazz up your fireplace with jewel tones

If you want to transform your fireplace with a dark colour, don’t hold back. We say, decorate with jewel tones. From sapphire blues to emerald greens to ruby reds, these rich opulent shades bring a touch of glamour to any space, any season.

Here, we’ve used the a decadent turquoise to create a sumptuous splash of colour behind the light fireplace. This modern fireplace surround idea is not only beautiful to look at, it’s brilliant at accentuating other shades in the room. Particularly if you choose glistening gold accessories or flashes of hot pink in your furnishings.

Turquoise fireplace