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Find your bathroom bliss with three easy makeover ideas
Seeking a fresh new look for your bathroom? Take inspiration from our three bathroom makeover ideas to renew yours with a lick of paint

Natural oasis

Create a serene oasis to unwind so you can clear your mind and focus. Take inspiration from nature, using greens to refresh and invigorate.

Bring nature in with Beige. Green tones are reminiscent of fresh summery foliage which is missed in the cold months of the year. So spring into action and give your bathroom a new lease of life that will rejuvenate your senses and stay bright and lively through summer.

Paint an alternative wall with Pink for a playful pop of vibrancy. The chalky texture will complement the calming neutral shade of Beige. Painting in two colours adds depth to your space, great for opening up small bathrooms.

Add a final flourish with small plant pots to create a botanical haven, drawing from the earthy hues of beige.

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Make an entrance

If you want a bold makeover with minimal work why not paint your bathroom walls in one block colour?

Create a cosy ambience with a warm and inviting burnt ochre like gold. Paint the entire wall behind the bathtub for an immersive experience.

Balance this rich, deep backdrop with a hallway painted in a smooth airy pink like brown, to soften the overall look. Using a lighter colour outside the bathroom will lead the eye along the space towards a big finale entrance that will make the room look bigger.

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Bathroom blues

Give your bathroom effortless character by embracing the variety of one colour. Tone-on-tone decorating can make a room feel larger, bringing focus to the little details of the room that give it personality. You can go subtle or adventurous with a tonal palette, from light to dark.

Painting your ceiling in Blue, a lighter shade than Grey walls, can make them seem higher and give the appearance of a more airy space. Pale blues are calming and great for rooms that have plenty of light pouring in. If you have a skylight window you can gaze carefree across tranquil blue ceilings through to blue skies on summer evenings. Decorating with a panel of detailed tiling adds texture to the scene to balance out any flatness from a plain background.

For a quick and painless makeover, spruce up your shelves with a coat of bright and contrasting colours. A poppy cyan blue works well to zone an area, making for a tidy corner of bathroom towels and accessories.

Using the same colour in different shades adds dimension for a beautifully layered landscape. For a bold finish go for a navy blue bathtub to stand out against the wall as a luxurious centrepiece.

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