How to Paint a Focus Wall with Dulux Paint
How to paint a focus wall with Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt

Is your room in need of a change but you’re not sure you want to spend the time and money on a whole room transformation? Try a mini makeover instead.

You don’t have to take on a big scale DIY project to give a space a new personality. Sometimes all it takes is adding a small addition of color. A feature wall is a great way to uplift a room quickly and easily without spending too much time or money. With our new Simply Refresh focus wall paint, you can paint over a painted wall or wallpaper without needing to prime.

You’ll need:


  1. Get started by moving any furniture out of the way so you have clear and easy access to the wall that’s getting a makeover.
  2. Next, protect the floor area and any nearby furniture with dustsheets, just in case you knock over the paint.
  3. Then, give the area of wall you’re painting a quick dust down with a dry cloth, so your paint goes on smoothly.

There’s no need to prime with Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt so you can get painting straight away.

  1. Give your Simply Refresh paint a good stir and pour it into your paint tray.
  2. Start the transformation by cutting in with a brush along the edges and ceiling line. Use masking tape for more precision. Switch to using a roller to cover the larger surfaces and then let the paint dry. Try painting in a W and M sequence, from left to right to ensure even coverage.To see how long you need to leave your walls to dry, check the back of the pack for a recommended time.

    Top tip:
    Put your brush and roller in a plastic bag to keep them moist, so you can use them again for your next coat without having to give them a wash.


  1. Remove as much paint as you can from your brush, roller and tray.
  2. Give them a thorough wash in water. There’s no need to use white spirit, as Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt is water based.
  3. Firmly close the paint tin and store in a dry and frost-free environment.