Weathershield Maximum Exposure Smooth Masonry

DULUX TRADE MAXIMUM EXPOSURE SMOOTH MASONRY provides exterior durability and protection even in harsh and demanding environments, containing an added fungicide to inhibit mould growth on the paint film. The unique properties provide a tough and flexible paint film that is up to 5 times more flexible than conventional masonry paints, covering hairline cracks and preventing subsequent cracking or flaking. Suitable for application to bare and previously painted surfaces, including solvent-based finishes. Shower resistant within 15 minutes of application.

Key Benefits

  • 5 x more flexible than conventional masonry paints
  • Adhesion promoted

Application information

Up to 12 m2/L

Touch dry
1-2 hours

See attached datasheet for this product

Surface Preparation & Application

To get the best results, ensure surfaces to be painted are sound, clean and dry (new surfaces particularly must be fully dry). Wash down previously painted surfaces with a detergent solution to remove all dirt, grease or chalking paint where practicable. Rinse off with clean water and allow to dry. Carefully scrape back to a firm edge all areas of poorly adhering or defective coatings and rub down thoroughly to ‘key and feather’ broken edges of existing coatings. Special precautions should be taken during surfacepreparation of pre-1960s paint surfaces over wood and metal as they may contain harmful lead.


Store between 5oC to 40oC