Highly Durable Diamond Glaze Varnish For WoodCare | Dulux

Diamond Glaze Varnish

A water-based maximum durability interior clear wood varnish. It is a simple one pack system and is ideal for use on wooden floors and other high wear interior wood surfaces. It is up to ten times tougher than conventional varnish and is resistant to common chemicals, alcohol and water. Suitable for use over materials such as cork tiles, hardwood and chipboards.

Key benefits

  • 10 X Tougher
  • Floors, Doors & Other Joinery
  • Water-Based

Application information

12-25 m2 per litre

Touch dry
Touch dry: 1-2 hours / Recoatable: 2.4 hours

Do not thin this product

Surface Preparation & Application

Apply 2 or 3 coats of Diamond Glaze from Dulux Trade using either a brush or short pile mohair roller. Apply evenly and consistently, taking care to keep the wet edge alive and finish off along the grain. It is advisable to apply a small test area first. When recoating allow at least 2 hours between coats. Rub down lightly along the grain between coats using a fine grade abrasive paper and dust off. Depth of colour Clear finish: Apply three finishing coats of clear satin or gloss. Translucent colour: Apply one coat of clear gloss followed by one coat of colour followed by one coat of clear satin or gloss. Deeper colour: Apply one coat of clear gloss followed by two coats of colour.


Store between 5oC to 40oC


1LT 2.5LT 5LT