Spectacular dark blue living room ideas that bring the wow factor - Dulux

Blue paint can evoke a range of emotions and moods when used in your home. Navy blue paints can bring elegant sophistication while other shades of dark blue can create a calming atmosphere in your living room. [KG1] Combined with other colours in the Dulux Easycare range, darker blue walls can be a dynamic feature or a beautiful accent in your home. Read on to discover a range of dark blue living room ideas.


1.  Two-tone dark blue living room walls


Pairing dark blues with contrasting lighter colours on the same wall in your living room creates a striking and modern look. What’s more, using the lighter colour on top can create a sense of space and height in the room. Paint the lower half of the wall in Night Seas, then paint the top half in Brave Ground, our colour of the year for 2021, for a statement effect that compliments neutral-toned furniture and natural materials.


2. Make a statement with dark teal walls


Teal has become a firm favourite in many homes. The dark but fresh shade creates a clean and inviting look that pairs wonderfully with whites and pale greys as well as darker blues and browns. Paint a feature wall in Indigo Shade to make a real statement. For maximum effect, contrast the deep teal with white woodwork and finishings for a crisp, modern living room, then add furniture and accessories in similar shades of blue and white.


3. Let your furniture pop


Dark blue living room walls can be the perfect backdrop for your furnishings, as the rich hue contrasts effectively with a range of colours, helping your furniture and accessories to pop. Try a dark blue such as Steel Symphony 1. This dark blue with a hint of grey looks great against metallic fixtures such as golds, silvers and chromes whilst also complementing most tones of natural wood. Whatever your style of furniture, dark blues can be used to make your favourite items stand out.


4. Immerse your furniture into your walls


Matching your furniture to your walls evokes a sense of calm in your living room. Use the Dulux Colour Visualiser App to help you identify the colour of your sofa or chairs and then find tonal shades to match for your walls to create the perfect colour scheme. In this image, Indigo Shade pairs perfectly with this dark blue sofa, creating a coherent and complementary scheme that invites you to curl up and relax.


5. Brighten dark blue with gold features


Blue is a regal colour, so it’s only right that darker blues and teals work fantastically with gold fixtures and fittings. Experiment with a bold colour such as Celestial Blue 1 alongside gold-coloured accessories such as lamps and add golden accents to your woodwork. Adding and painting dado or picture rails can create a classic and luxurious feel. Throw in a champagne gold chaise longue and you are well on your way to a living room with full palatial decadence.


6. Coordinate with cooling red tones


For eye-catching contrast, pair a dark blue paint like Indigo Night with a dark red like Earth Red. The indigo blue creates a feeling of calm sophistication, while the earthy red creates a cool contrast and natural harmony when used in moderation, whether that’s to create a focal point or highlight prominent features in your room. The result is an incredibly unique and interesting living room colour scheme that’s sure to be a talking point.


7. Try a complementary colour scheme


Combining a deeper colour with tonal highlights can create a complimentary colour scheme that really stands out. Luna Landscape 1 on the walls paired with woodwork and fittings matched in Pebble Drift 6 perfectly combine to create a space that is both relaxing yet vibrant when paired with lighter coloured accessories and natural brown leather shades in your furniture. Darker blues also match perfectly with bright and sunny yellows such as Honey Mustard to add balance to your living room style


The possibilities are endless with a dark blue living room colour scheme, from laid-back sophistication to over-the-top decadence, the choice really is yours. For more blue colour scheme inspiration check out our blue living rooms hub.