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Dark Grey Bedroom Décor

Grey is a versatile colour that can be used to create a sophisticated look in any room of the home.

There are a wide range of shades to choose from, but dark grey should be your go-to for creating a cosy and relaxing space to fall asleep in.

Just like with any interior renovation, it’s important to decide on the style and aesthetic you want to achieve before you start decorating. Read on for our favourite dark grey bedroom ideas and our top tips for achieving your desired look. 

How to get your dark grey bedroom décor right


Decide how dark grey you want to go

With grey, there are many shades you can explore to help achieve your desired look. While shades on the lighter side of dark grey offer space and light, darker tones bring a certain warmth and depth to a room that would be hard to achieve any other way. Think about how bold you want your walls to be and the overall style you want to achieve.



Define your bedroom aesthetic

One of the first decisions you should make is the type of look you want to achieve with your dark grey bedroom décor. Are you opting for relaxed and cosy, or bright and peaceful? Traditional or contemporary? Think about the accessories that you want to add to your room as well; very dark grey bedroom walls scream out for a minimalistic style while lighter shades of dark grey call for neutral pairings with plants and mirrors.


Think about your room positioning and light

With so many different tones to choose from, it’s important to pick the perfect shade of grey to accentuate the shape of your room and the amount of natural light your room receives. Warm greys are ideal for cosy, north facing rooms, while cool greys emphasize the natural light in south facing rooms.

Dark grey bedroom ideas for any home



1.  Be bold with dark grey bedroom walls

To create a seamless and modern look, strip back to the essentials and go bold with your walls. Use a striking grey as a backdrop to this contemporary style and pair with neutral-coloured bedding. Keep accessories to a minimum and use dark or white fixtures to complete the sleek design.



2.  Coordinate with new neutrals   

While grey can be a great colour on its own, it also works well with many other neutral colours. So much so that grey and beige have now been combined to create the ultimate neutral.

Neutral colours don’t have to be boring, especially if you use a colour with depth to bring a dramatic edge to your room. Use this colour along panels, frames, and other architectural details to create a bold look, and coordinate this hue with soft furnishings in other neutral shades.



3.  Try a striking two-tone wall with green  

Green may not be the first colour you think of to pair with grey, but a dark grey and green bedroom brings earthy and natural tones to any room. Paint the lower section of your walls in dark grey, then paint a dark green on the upper sections, with a white partition between the two. This will strike a contrast between the tones and highlight the difference. Not only is this style unique, but it also elongates your walls to make your ceilings appear higher.

Keep your dark green and grey bedroom minimalistic and accentuate this peaceful space with nature-inspired soft furnishings.



4. Use a cosy feature wall design

Feature walls are a great way to create a focal point in any room. In a bedroom, the unique designs are perfect for bringing attention to the main centrepiece of the room, the bed. You might choose to paint a mural or create geometric patterns with different colours, but we love the look of a minimalist dark grey feature wall.

Use a bold but subtle dark grey for the wall that your bed lies against. Neighbour your grey feaure wall with white walls to bring the focus to this area, and decorate with one or two accessories. Hang a large picture above the centre of your bed or opt for a simple light fixture above each pillow for a simple but effective design. If you’re feeling brave, paint your ceiling in the same colour as your feature wall.



5.  Create a statement finish with grey and blue walls

A dark blue and grey bedroom is the perfect style if you’re looking to bring a sense of warmth into your sleep routine. Pair a dark blue with a dark grey to create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere to fall asleep in.

Use white wood and white accessories to finalise the look. Not only do white bedside tables and white lamp shades offer a splash of contrast, but they also co-ordinate with the dark blue walls to create soothing beach and ocean vibes.



6.  Go for a dark but minimal bedroom for a sophisticated look   

A trend that is sweeping the modern home is the dark and minimalist design. This sleek style oozes comfort and sophistication, and it’s not complicated to replicate either. Start with a dark grey on your walls, then decorate the room with simple essentials; think matt black surfaces, bare candelabras, and open spotlights for a modern gothic aesthetic.

With so many shades of dark grey to choose from, there’s many different styles you can achieve in your bedroom. Find the perfect dark grey paint for your bedroom in our collection and fall asleep in beautiful luxury.