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You may think that a huge budget is required if you want to create a luxury bedroom, one that looks like it could be straight out of a hotel or off a Pinterest board. So you may be surprised to hear that a luxury bedroom makeover can in fact be achieved on a budget.

Whatever your budget and whatever your ideal style, you can achieve the luxury bedroom of your dreams with just a few simple tweaks involving paint and accessories. Read on for simple and low-cost bedroom makeover ideas to help you transform your space into one that you really love.

While calming colours are typically associated with lighter hues, this certainly isn’t always the case. Darker shades with cool undertones, like Vast Lake and Storm Clearing, can transform a space into a cosy cocooned sanctuary. Alternatively, warm up a wall in your bedroom with a dark caramel hue such as Spiced Honey and complete the look with soft neutral furnishings like throws and shaggy rugs.

Create your own headboard

Nothing says luxury like a fancy headboard, and why splash the cash and buy one when you can paint your own straight on to the wall? You’ll only need a small amount of paint, and you could even use what’s left of an existing pot to achieve the look. Use masking tape, a ruler and a spirit level to get a neat and even finish, or you could consider getting a stencil for maximum precision. Paint an area in a block colour or draw an eye-catching outline like we’ve done here.

Keep things light and bright

When it comes to choosing a colour scheme, the possibilities are endless, but for small bedroom makeovers, light, bright and soothing tones work wonders in creating a luxurious look. Choose an off-white paint like Fine Cream for your walls, a crisp white paint like Pure Brilliant White for woodwork, and use any leftover paint to give old furniture a new lease of life for a bedroom that has a rustic French farmhouse feel to it. Search your local charity shops for an antique mirror to complement the theme. Love the French look? Get more French bedroom ideas here.


Paint a feature wall

Add instant luxury to your bedroom without breaking the bank by painting a feature wall. You could choose to go for a block colour, a two-tone wall or an ombre effect, or you could try something unique and modern like this checkerboard effect, providing the perfect backdrop to your bed. To recreate this look, choose two or three different shades of the same colour – that could be grey or it could be shades of blue, green or brown.


Go minimalist

Sometimes less is more when it comes to that luxury look, so strip it all back and strive for simplicity. The key here is to remove, not add, so you shouldn’t have to spend much at all. Getting rid of clutter from your bedroom will immediately make it feel more chic, and revamping the room with an elegant combination of warm neutrals will add to that laid-back luxurious finish. If fresh paintwork is on the cards, try Soft Stone with accents of Spiced Honey. If you love this warm neutral palette, find out how to makeover your child’s bedroom with Spiced Honey.


Be bold with colour

Colour has a significant impact on our mood, so use this bedroom makeover as a chance to use colour to reflect how you want to feel. For a room that lifts your spirits, go for bright tones. Choose a bold colour for your walls, like this Copper Blush, then add a couple of accessories in clashing yet complementary hues, like mustard yellow and teal.


It’s all in the accessories

A few small tweaks to your bedroom can work wonders in transforming it into a space you feel proud of. Add lamps for atmospheric lighting, new bedding for an instant update and plump pillows and cushions for a hotel aesthetic. A gallery wall is a classy way to display your favourite prints and photos, and added foliage or flowers will bring your bedroom to life. Searching for more ideas to transform your bedroom? Discover these romantic bedroom wall ideas that are anything but boring, and read our expert tips to help perfect the styles.