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Colour Lookbook: Warm, Calming Colour Ideas To Create a Relaxing Room to Unwind and Recharge

The start of a new year gives every one of us the chance to reset, recharge and refresh. But you don’t need to make resolutions or goals to help you do that. Creating relaxing rooms with warm paint colours can be just as inspiring.

Especially if you look to Dulux Colour of the Year 2022, Bright SkiesTM, and its complementary colour palettes.

The Dulux Studio Palette is a collection of pinks, reds and oranges that are perfect for relaxing rooms. Use these consoling tones on their own or in combination with Bright SkiesTM and turn any space in your home into a soothing sanctuary. Read on for four relaxing room ideas to help you unwind and recharge.

Create a space that inspires you

If there’s a corner of your home that you’d like to turn into a dedicated exercise area or yoga studio, opt for warm colours from the Studio palette. Depending on the shades you pick, warm colour schemes can help you escape the everyday as you breathe, stretch and move. In this space, we painted a circle of orange for a modern and motivating backdrop. And then mellowed the room out with two calming colours, pink and white.

Give yourself a warm welcome

From the moment you enter your home, you should feel calm and relaxed. Painting your hallway in warm colours is the first step to achieving this. Orange is one of our favourites from the Studio collection and could soon be yours. Vibrant and joyful, it’s a lovely choice for a warm and welcoming hallway. Here, we framed it with a lilac border to soften the edges and painted the far wall in Bright SkiesTM to carry the calming effect into the next room.

Lounge all day long

Your living room should be one of the most relaxing rooms in your home. So, when it comes to decorating this space, we suggest using pastel paint colours. Pale pinks and blues will make it easier for you to unwind and recharge. This pink is a grown-up pink that brings warmth and comfort to your walls. It looks beautiful paired with a calming Bright SkiesTM arch or uplifting orange shelving. Warm paint colours are flexible too, so they’ll work well with neutral or colourful furnishings.

Get a good night’s rest

Like in your living room, think pastel paint colours when decorating the place where you rest your head. Pale pinks and blues are instinctively calming colours and can help you achieve bedroom bliss. We chose light and airy Bright SkiesTM to sit above the bed in this relaxing room. It brings a feeling of tranquility and freshness to the space. Plus, you can combine it with other consoling tones such as sky blue and bronzy coral for a look that’s both seamless and soothing.