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Dr Dulux: How do I create an adaptable home?

This is a decorating dilemma that’s on the rise, according to our resident expert, Dr Dulux. With your home working harder than ever – acting as an office, school, restaurant, social hub and sanctuary – you need a simple way to make your spaces both functional and fun.

How about using colour? The Workshop palette, with its joyful, bright tones, is perfect for a multi-purpose, do-it-all space. These positive and complementary colours of paint work brilliantly alongside our Colour of the Year 2022, Bright Skies.

You can use them for zoning in an open-plan space or creating a flow between two adjoining rooms. They can also add a splash of personality to your space, whether they’re used individually or as colour combinations.

Here are four indoor painting tips and techniques to help you create an adaptable home with the Workshop palette

Create a do-it-all living room with a feature wall

Against a backdrop of airy Bright Skies, Workshop colours like lime yellow are great at highlighting architectural features or functional areas. Singled out in a sunny yellow, this wall with recessed shelves on either side becomes the focal point of a comfortable living room. It can also be used as a modern and adaptable storage area for your books, ceramics, work files or pieces of art.

Use colour for a sense of space in a bedroom

If you’re clever with colours of paint, a compact bedroom can seem much bigger. Why not try painting walls in light blue and lime yellow with a hint of light brown like we have here? It’s an airy, light blue that reflects the limitless skies around us and can make your space feel expansive.

Then use the joyful, bright colours of the Workshop palette to create a fabulous feature above your bed. With similar tones picked out in your décor and accessories, you can create a refreshing, relaxing and cohesive bedroom.

Design a kitchen for a busy family home

When your kitchen is also your home office and kids’ playroom, it’s important to consider colours of paint that work for the whole family. Whether you’re cooking, relaxing or playing, the kaleidoscope hues of the Workshop palette can meet the demands of your busy family home.

One way to make the most of a multi-functional space is to use different colour combinations. Try painting bands of Workshop colours behind your kitchen cabinets. This will help to define the area and lift the energy of the room.

Dr Dulux top tip: when painting walls in your kitchen, go for a grease-resistant paint, such as Dulux Easycare, which resists everyday cooking stains and is washable without the colour fading.

Bring a sense of calm into your dining room

If you’re looking for the best colour for a backdrop in your multipurpose space, look no further than our Colour of the Year 2022, Bright Skies. With its fresh, airy tones, you’ll instantly feel at peace, no matter what’s happening around you.

Surround yourself with this light blue and let it bring a sense of calm and clarity into a do-it-all dining room. And don’t forget, because those Workshop hues work so well alongside it, you can easily add pops of colour through your accessories and furniture.