Dr Dulux: How to Choose Your Paint Palette

5 tips to help you pick a perfect paint palette.

Dreaming of the perfect paint palette? Here’s the inspiration you need. Knowing how to choose paint colours seems easy at first, until you’re faced with decision paralysis from so many choices. Dr Dulux is a firm believer in one very important rule when it comes to colour scheme ideas. That is, there are no rules! Having said that, we’re always here to help answer your questions and offer inspiration towards your dream home designs.

Q: Hi Dr Dulux. I know what colours I like, but I’m not sure if they’ll work in my room. What do I need to think about before choosing a colour scheme?

A: Good question and one that I get asked a lot! The most important thing is to create a home environment that’s unique to you with colours that make you smile. Here are some pointers to get you started.

1. How to choose paint colours you love

Think about the colours you love to wear, the environments you like to spend time in and the hobbies you enjoy. Which colours do you associate with the things you love? These are the shades that’ll add personality to your space while enhancing the mood you want to create.

2. Make the most of memories

You never have to pine for the beach or the peaceful countryside, when you capture the spirit of it at home. Draw on your cherished experiences for colour scheme ideas that evoke what you adore, each and every day. Can’t wait to escape to the forest? Combine tonal shades of green with deep, earthy neutrals, textured materials for soft furnishings and accessories literally plucked from nature. Add pops of yellow or orange to remind you of the sun peeking through the trees. Remember that there are no rules, so if you simply can’t choose one favourite, use different rooms to highlight an array of memories and moods.

3. Embrace accent colours

It’s easy to add personality to your home without overpowering it with colour. Consider combining a main, neutral shade with an accent colour, whether it’s bold or subtlety striking. Neutral shades can appear both warm or cool, depending on what they’re paired with, so you can go as bold as you like with accent colours. For example, consider a deep grey. When combined with rich blue you’ll achieve a serene, oceanic feel. However, blend it with pops of yellow or orange and you’ll find that instant energy and warmth fills a space.

Highlight fixtures such as fireplaces or doors with 00YY 26/220 for warmth or try green-greys for a cool, airy feel. If painting the main walls isn’t an option for you, use accent colours on photo frames, chairs, drawers or cupboards, with Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood for a lovely, mid-sheen finish. Don’t overlook window recesses, trim or other fixtures either, as they’ll come alive with a lick of paint.

4. Try tonal colour scheme ideas

Choosing two or more tones of the same colour offers a calming appeal that’s oh so easy on the eye. Think 53BB 60/079 as a feature colour with accents of 58BB 62/119 throughout. Two-tone walls add visual interest without the need for artwork. Use cosy colours like 30YR 49/097and 10YR 28/072, with the lighter shade on the upper part of the wall to enhance the illusion of space.

For further interest, add a thin stripe between both colours or around fixtures like windows or doors. Two-tone walls certainly don’t have to be symmetrical, either. Play with different heights and widths to suit your space, or consider colour blocking with geometric shapes. Whichever shades you choose, tonal room colour scheme ideas are guaranteed to imbue your home with harmony.

When a colour combination feels right to you, it’s time to jump right into painting!