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Striking black and grey bedroom ideas

For a modern take on the monochrome colour scheme in your bedroom, look no further than black and grey. Moody and mysterious yet cosy and warm, the trick to creating the perfect black and grey bedroom is all about achieving balance. Think dark walls softened with warm furnishings or contrasted with lighter shades.

Prepare to be inspired by our black and grey bedroom ideas, with advice on how to recreate these timeless and sophisticated looks in your own home.

1. Create a dark and cosy sanctuary

Create a dark and cosy sanctuary

In this brooding boudoir, everything has been pared-back to the simple essentials. Opt for a dark, almost black paint like Black Mica for your bedroom walls, carrying it on to the ceiling for optimum impact. Create contrast with an elegant pale grey paint like French Silver on woodwork and alcoves, then add natural wooden accents for warmth.

Add minimalist furniture and soften the look with linen bedding in warmer shades of grey. Add texture with a waffle throw and velvet cushions for a simple and serene style.

2. Experiment with a stripey statement wall with added accent colours

Experiment with stripey statement wall

For a black and grey bedroom idea with a playful and unique twist, turn to stripes. Start by painting black horizontal stripes of varying thickness in a paint like Idaman Grey, then fill in the gaps with soft pastel accent colour like a mint green, a subtle lilac and a soft sky blue.

Keep the rest of your black and grey bedroom décor grown up, with good quality grey bed linen, a luxurious bedspread, and minimalist furniture for the perfect balance between sophisticated and fun.


3. Keep it sophisticated with two-tone panelling

Experiment with stripey statement wall

Nothing says opulence like wood-panelled walls, especially when they’re painted in deep and seductive shades of grey. Give you room added depth with a split-wall effect, opting for complementary shades like Smoke Pearl and Black Sable. In this room, Tranquil Dawn has been used in the window alcove for subtle contrast and to add a sense of lightness to the otherwise-moody black and grey bedroom walls.

Add black accents with your furniture, a tall candlestick for an extra layer of drama, and bedding in shades of grey for a sense of flow.`

4. Add a sense of adventure with a fun feature wall

Sense of adventure with a fun feature wall

If you’re considering a black and grey colour scheme for your little one’s bedroom, then why not get creative and have some fun with it? From the night sky to outer space, there are plenty of decorating schemes your kids will love, but we think this mountain scene is one that every little adventurer will enjoy.

Coat the walls in a light grey paint like the appropriately named Skyline, then use a darker grey like Light’s Out for the mountains, a white for the snowy peaks and a yellow for the sunshine. Furnish the room with adventure-inspired items like a teepee for your little one to play in, a wooden chest for storage and a globe to help them plan their future expeditions.

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