5 Reasons to Paint your living room Dark | Dulux
5 reasons to use dark walls in your living room

We debunk some popular color myths and explain why you should consider going over to the dark side of the color chart.

  1. Make a room feel larger

It’s only natural to reach for white when you’re trying to make a small, dark space feel larger. We’re conditioned to believe that darker colors will make a room feel more enclosed. But some darker shades – such as muted teals, charcoal greys and warm browns can actually add a sense of depth to your space.

Which colors?
91YR 08/025
46BB 08/059

Top Tip
Painting woodwork, such as skirting boards, doors and window frames, in a darker hue is another clever way to create the illusion of space in your home. For best results, use Dulux Trade Satinwood.

  1. Create a cozy scheme

Choosing a darker color scheme is a great way to make a room feel instantly cozier and more intimate. Consider using rich reds and intense teals. These deep shades tend to pull walls closer towards you and will instantly make a large room feel warmer.

Which colors? 
30YR 13/471
50BG 11/123

  1. Make space with an optical illusion

Create a focal point with color blocking, this can also be done with dark, warm colors. Pair with wooden accessories and a mix of vintage Fifties furniture to complete this stylish look.

Top tip
If you do decide to embrace darker walls, choose accessories that will pop against the more subdued shades.

 Which colors?
21YR 13/383
87BG 27/077
24YY 28/384

  1. Add a sense of drama

A dark, bold color scheme will immediately add drama and flair to your home. A powerful dark green with accent pieces of luxurious wood and plants will wow visitors.

Which colors?
30GG 06/113
90GY 46/056
64YY 57/084

  1. Choose for easy to combine, go for tone-in-tone

Creating a dark tone-in-tone color scheme is easy and creates a simple yet embracing atmosphere. Take inspiration from nature. Consider using rich teals and mossy greens. Use those colors on your walls and simply enjoy.

Which colors?
78GG 19/078
50GY 13/136
45GY 55/052